Hello World 12/06/2018

Hello World 08/21/2017

I want, wish, pray, hope, dream my family forgives me for reminding them with my existence of the horrible attrocity we indured in the 1960s. My family and I had intellectual property stolen and coerced from our immediate family.

Today I am reminded by a noise that is founded in electricity. As a child I once bolstered I would build a Walky Talky network that would allow text talking and video. I have been infected by bean thieving,  in cereal pissers every since who follow me.

12/06/2018 BLOG UPDATE

On August 1, 2018, my grandma passed. I am unable to return to law school until I pay my pastdue account. I started a www.gofundme.com/Rebuild N-A-D-O-T-I-.com fundraiser so far I have raised $300. I need a minimum of $25,000 to launch. Today I went to State Bank of India(SBICAL) and US Bank(USB). I did what I could to tell them I was paying for a business to stream movies, music, games, and apps for use, download, and purchase. I asked to borrow $10,000. SBICAL said they primarily deal in real estate. I thought that was an odd answer from a banker to a business man. I am still waiting to hear from US Bank.

03_07_2020 BLOG UPDATE

It is hard to believe I did not blog in all of 2019. I spent the year caring for my family. I have not recieved any more contributions to my crowd fund www.gofundme.com/Rebuild N-A-D-O-T-I-.com though I continue to post the ad for it on FaceBook, Twitter, and linkedin. It will now cost me less than $23000 to launch. I will stay the course and continue to make payments on N-A-D-O-T-I-.com


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Hello World 08/19/2017 18:47 Paris, France

About the third week in Paris my Europe phone and a pack of cigarettes were stolen. I signed up to go wwoofing and spent three weeks on a farm near Bordeaux. I returned to Paris about a week ago I leave on Friday. I am staying at a hostel where I have been robbed I am considering leaving for the airport today.

I am angry because I do not feel secure anywhere. My belongings have been stolen on occassions. My parents were and still are to me today intelligent black people. My dad served in the Civil service after 20 years with the Navy and my mom became a nurse for the Veterans Administration. My sister, brother, and myself supported them by doing as we were told by them only, by working together. Us children hated being at war. Our dad served during the Vietnam campaign and was stationed in Long Beach, California. Things I hated as a child in Navy housing were the way we were treated as black people. I remember having to kiss a sailors boot in front of my family. I believe my worst memories are of seeing someone break int0 our bungalow and rape my mom, another would be us the youngest 2-4 year old children brother and sister not included learning about sex, drugs and using them to the point of a savage rampage. The discrimination, physical abuse, and theft, including intellectual, personal, good property. Because of our civilized letter campaign we, my family and I, were bombarded and forced to indure an audible signal, sound wave layed on some frequency that would reach us where ever we went. I’M DEALING WITH THIS NOW.

I recently requested a tool that will solve such a problem an Oscilloscope. Part of the problem is my lack of resources, the ease of lubricating people’s decision or choices by accepting money and desolving their ethics and morals. I should have done it sooner though my life was replanned after military personnel raped members of my family and stole intellectual property from myself by means of what England defines as telepathy, authority coercion, immediate coercion, physical harm, and worse. I am still dealing with it today 08/19/2017 I am going to contact the authorities, explain my position, and respond appropriately.

01/29/2018 UPDATE:

Today I prayed for a Samoyed puppy. I have been praying for such a puppy since before the millennium. I was thinking of my first dog chief that was shot by the men who did what I talked about above. Thursday February 1, 2018 I will make the first payment on the www. NADOTI.com rebuild.

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Hello World 08/12/2017 1:59pm Paris, France

“The Sailing Life”

First season Episodes:

Pilot) 1) Will you allow me / us to do the show with NAOS yacht sales? This is what we need.

2) Response

3) Show preparation

4) Short factual history

5) Research the ideal sailboat

6) Finance

7) Safety of choice / Survey

8) Purchase and Delivery

Each episode has a beginning, middle, and end.

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Hello World 08/12/2017

I have been in France since 07/05/2017 I went wwoofing in Anglade for three weeks and I am back in Paris, France. I recently heard something that makes me angry and I am hoping it is a rumor. I will tell you when I return to the United States before the end of the month.

I am paranoid. When I was a child I had ideas, dreams, verbal thoughts stolen from me intellectual property. I have made a formal complaint to authorities who may be able to help me. I learned the of the capability of telephone networks as a young child as a child I tried to think of possible domain names and other business ideas.

Today I am going to work on two ideas in script form. A sailing show and ?????

02:42:58 08/12/2017 addition:

EXT. SIDEWALK MICHAEL (V.O.) As Michael is walking to NAOS yachts he is remembering thinking the salesman seems recogizable from somewhere. As he walks he considers his chances of getting help. I don’t think they will, they might, I doubt it. I’m talking to myself, they won’t, they might, No Me I will I’m just going to ask them …are you interested in a sailing show. INT. YACHT SAILS MICHAEL Hello is the manager in? SALESMAN Can I help.. Maybe I can help? MICHAEL I wanted to ask… I mean I like sailboats I want a sailboat though Thats not why I’m here. I would like to know if you the store …store NAOS would be interested in a Sailing show. SALESMAN YES! We already do a cable yacht show that shows off the different types of yachts there are. Interested the salesman ask questions. SALESMAN (CONT’D) What kind of show were you thinking of? MICHAEL There_________?

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Hello World 07/22/2017

No one wants to be hipnotized to enjoy being raped. Is something I believe.

My Internet access is sensored! I can watch porn any kind yet, I am unable to use apps or websites to choose the things I appreciate. My access heards me toward what some want me to choose. Does this happen to you?

Some want to know how they can do this to everyone. What were the first websites? Who were the first major money making websites and where did there money go? (how do they spend it?) SOME!

www.NADOTI.com will take time and be better than our first idea. Who’s idea was, and who named FaceBook?

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Hello World 06/19/2017

This is the crap I have been dealing with starting a business and applying for credit. THEY LIE.!

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Hello World 06/17/2017

Is the military the government? Is our government the type of government that would make a child lick an adults foot? Is our government the type of government that would squeeze as much intellectual property out of an individual and his family as possible and not pay them fairly for it? Is our government the type of government that would force that child or those people to do drugs profit from it and blame them for taking to long to finish college? is our government the type of government that would interfere with that childs future with the help of his peers after he gains stability? Is our government the type of government that would stop two people from being married? Is our government the type of government that would threaten its citizens mothers? Is our government the type of government that would decimate a state to hide a hideous crime? Is our government the type of government that would put a time limit on our lives and not be overt about it? Is our government the type of government that would steal a fathers bedtime stories, sell them for profit, and rape the family for wanting to go camping? Is our government the type of government that would bomb a family? Tell me it has been fifty years since 1967. I rode my bike from Bloomfield up Centrailia down Norwalk to Wordlow up to Studebaker straight through to Loynes dr. on to the beach at Belmont shores. Is that possible?

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Hello World 06/16/2017

So I was enjoying my evening chocolate quik(R) when I read an article that said “your FICO score can determine your credit.” I thought oh really, I didn’t know that. Lol. If people make Rj48 cables for the home there are practically enough T1’s for each individual on earth. With information moving at the speed of light there is no reason we should not know this. Unless our finances prohibit us.


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Hello World 06/15/2017

Since January I have been buying airline tickets to leave to Europe and Asia. In January I missed a flight to Sweden. Next in April I was denied my boarding pass to Tokyo, Japan by ANA partners of United, I love the United theme song “The Gerschwin Brothers” “Rapsody in blue”. In may Norwegian air shuttle denied me my boarding pass because my passport image was partially unvisible. Delta said I have a year to use the credit from January. United said the same, Norwegian only gave me the tax back.

I am not complaining I plan to fly Norwegian to Paris, France if I do not have any more problems leaving the United States. It is not easy for me to live in the U.S. at this time. I have not seen my older brother who always makes me laugh. I have not seen my Ex-girlfriend who consuls me. I am not earning the money I would like to and do not have the money I need to make money. I believe I will be soliciting the opportunity to clean windows across the Sea to make extra money. My business license allows me to Import and Export so please contact me with funds for products. I also do business consulting. 

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